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Praises From HealthCare Clients:
   Your presentation was well received by the therapists, as it was so positive and humorous.  Some of the comments on the evaluations received from the therapists were: 
  • "Wow!  Very motivating!"
  • "Bring her back every year.  Outstanding and dynamic!"
  • "Very entertaining course.  I will definitely use some of these techniques at my facility."
  • "Very interesting.  Lots of fun.  I loved the relaxation techniques."
  • "Positive thinking is so important!"

Joyce Rolle, Technical Director, Radiation Oncology
 14th Annual Shands Radiation Therapist Seminar

   “I have heard nothing but high praise for your timely and informative message about adapting to change while maintaining positive energy in the fast-paced business environment of today.  Your presentation was a wonderful blend of high-energy humor and common sense advice.  We particularly enjoyed your comical renditions of your own experiences in the business world, all of which positively reinforced your theme.  Your ability to connect with every member of your audience is truly a rare gift."

Cynthia M. Toth, Administrator
Shands at AGH Leadership Team

   “The program in general, and your part specifically exceeded my expectations.  Your contributions made a definite impact on the success of the conference.  I appreciate the professional way in which you conduct your business.  It was a joy to collaborate with a presenter who works in such an organized and timely fashion.  I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.

Jean Melby, RN, BSN, Health Promotion Coordinator
Suwannee River Area Health Education Center

   “Your presentations are so positive and a true inspiration to all  the members  of my team.   Change in the healthcare industry is so much a part of our lives now;  it takes a person with your talent and true gift of communication to bring the realities back into focus.”

Naples Day Surgery

   “We certainly hit the jackpot with Linda Talks!  The response from both our managers and staff has been overwhelming.  Your fresh, honest, and inspirational account of how to find the positives in both life and work has inspired many members of our staff and given all of us tools we can use to enhance our lives at home and here at the USF Physicians Group.”               

USF Physicians Group

   “I continue to be impressed with how well you are received from the many groups that you have presented to throughout the Shands HealthCare organization! Thank you so muc h for helping us realize our abilities to continue  in a climate that supports rapid change.”

Shands HealthCare

   “Your enthusiasm, sincerity, and ability to make everyone laugh was a terrific way to begin our Conference. Our Board Leadership group will be talking about it for a long time!”

Florida Hospital Waterman

   “Linda is a dynamic speaker who mixes humor with depth to relate to her audience in a most effective way.  She interviews her audience prior to the speaking engagement in such a way as to know just what is needed to achieve a presentation that fits ‘just right.’  She is warm, funny, animated and, most of all,  has a unique way of touching our hearts.”

Oncology Managers of Florida

   “Your wonderful program inspired us to embrace the changes that we are experiencing, both at work and in our private lives.  Among the comments we received - ‘Linda is very upbeat, holds your interest, and is entertaining as well as teaches a good message.”  As far as I am concerned, you cannot come back too soon or too often.”

North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System

   “All the nurses whom you interviewed commented to me how you impressed them by taking the time to find out what issues  and factors we face in our daily nursing practice.  The evidence of that groundwork showed in the depth of your feeling.  On behalf our group, I thank you 5000 times for your presentation"

Florida Council of Operating Room Nurses

   “The topic and your delivery were exceptional.  You were enthusiastic and entertaining, yet able to deliver a very meaningful and valuable message.  They were spellbound!”

AvMed Health Plan, Florida

   “Linda is certainly gifted as a speaker and in her ability to relate to her audience.  Her use of professional speaking techniques helped to convey a special message that touched everyone in the room.  She radiated with warmth, compassion, and insight, which is important to this particular age group.  She is so enjoyable to listen to that we wished we had given her more time!”

Betsy Gamber, Special Events/Volunteer Coordinator, 
Bon Secours-St. Joseph Healthcare Group Foundation, 
Port Charlotte, Florida

   Your keynote address on ‘In the Face of Change:  Laughing, Crying, and Finally Thriving’ was outstanding! Your great sense of humor and realistic approach made this information very pertinent to what is occurring to us in healthcare today.  This keynote presentation was a wonderful way to start our conference.  You set the tone with your enthusiasm, positive dynamics, and personal touch stories. 
Equally impressive was the breakout session on “Why the Bright Side Is Always the Right Side ...Even for Healthcare Professionals.’ You directed us toward creating positive expectation/anticipation thought and gave us down to earth examples on how to interpret in a positive way even in the most difficult of circumstances. Your final breakout session ‘Motivation and Wellness for the New Millennium’ made us think about all-over wellness.  Your use of real-life examples and group participation went a long way to make this an unforgettable presentation.”

Elaine Shaw, Chairman,  
Indiana Association for
Healthcare Quality Education Team

   “You were the keynote speaker and led track sessions at the InAHQ Conference in Indianapolis, April 27 and 28, 2000.  I am writing to let you know I attended all your sessions and you were GREAT!  You provided the participants information with humor and your own personal experience.  I would highly recommend LINDA TALKS to businesses and organizations who are interested in motivating their employees or members.
   Linda, you lift spirits, make laughter, and provide useful information.  The opportunity to listen and learn from you was a privilege.  Thank you!”

Marcia M. Goheen, President, 
Long Term Care
Consultants, Indiana

   Thank you for being part of our 24th Annual Conference (April 2000) held in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  You certainly helped get our conference started on the right foot!  The evaluations were very positive and a few of the specific comments by participants are as follows:   ‘I felt she was speaking directly to me.’  ‘Energizing and engaging speaker.’  ‘Extremely insightful. Very motivational.’ ‘Provided a practical understanding of change.’
   Thanks again and best wishes for future programs!”

Sue Bond, President, 
Illinois Association for
Healthcare Quality

   “I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality Annual Meeting on April 13.  ‘In the Face of Change’ was delightful! Particularly of note to me was your analogy of trust and the trapeze artist and your comment that every change looks like a failure when you’re in the middle.  I also liked your suggestion to stretch your change muscle and practice on the little things. I hadn’t thought about the fact we can prepare ourselves to make adapting to change easier.
   I also had the pleasure of attending ‘Motivation and Wellness for the New Millennium.’  You made me smile with your term ‘episodes of movement’ rather than exercise and you really hit home when you suggested that we reclaim the joy that is within us.  I will certainly be using the Doom Loop Theory to assess where I am and where I need to be!
   Thank you again for your words of wisdom.”

Marcia Rose, Administrative Director, 
Quality Management, Trinity Medical Center, Illinois

   Upon our review of the evaluations, you clearly uplifted and inspired the participants.  Your ratings were excellent with many positive comments.  Clearly, your value is validated by the evaluations and you are making a difference in the lives of your audiences.  Some comments:  ‘Schedule Linda Talks at every meeting!’ ‘Loved Linda.  She inspired a new energy level.’ ‘Great motivation, terrific humor,  and valuable tips.’  ‘Effective, interesting, creative.’”       

Linda Scribner, Past President, 
Florida Association for
Healthcare Quality

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