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Praises From Government Clients:
   “Linda’s method of teaching and the example of a ‘tool box’ was effective because she incorporated mental, physical, and emotional aspects that each person could easily relate to in their daily lives.  Her use of personal and professional examples was perfect for the occasion and added a sense of humor to the entire learning experience.
   Ms. Cirulli-Burton did an excellent job of reaching out and connecting with our employees.  In a short amount of time, she seemed to grasp the complexity of being a government employee with a stressful occupation and a strong desire to serve the public in the most efficient manner possible.  Ms. Cirulli-Burton gave each attendee the opportunity to recognize ways to improve their own working environment by altering their own reaction to stressful situations.  She also boosted each employee’s sense of pride in the work they do by giving them ownership of their decisions and how they positively affect the public.  I had the feeling that each member left with a sense of honor for the role they play in their customer’s lives and a commitment to continue to uphold the high integrity of the Bureau.”

Peter Stoumbelis, Chief, Bureau of Administrative Review, 
State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

   “Here we are a month later and I am still receiving calls praising your presentation.  Personally speaking, you are the first speaker in the past four conferences that motivated and inspired everyone in attendance.
   You have made such a positive difference in our lives.  Linda, you manage to personalize your presentation to our setting in Corrections, which made each individual feel special and as if you were speaking only to them.  Your high level of expertise and commitment to quality impressed us all!”

Teresa Larick, Director of Nursing Services, 
State of Florida Department of Corrections

   “I attended the Federal Women’s Program, at which Linda Cirulli-Burton was the guest speaker.  I am a Contracting Officer for the USDA, and have been for (over) twenty-five years, which means I have attended many conferences and meetings.  I can honestly say Linda was so interesting that I forgot I was listening to a speaker.  She makes her entire audience feel that she is speaking to each one individually.
   Linda has a wonderful way of covering serious topics by sharing some of her personal life’s experiences.  She adds laughter, fear, sadness, and anger, with which we can all relate.
   Each person I spoke with at the end of the day said they were glad they attended the conference because Linda was such an interesting and fun speaker!”

Elaine Holmes, Contracting Officer, 
US Department of Agriculture

   “Power DOES flow to the focus of attention!  Our county includes in its mission a commitment to excellence in service, and our time with you was the purest effort to create energy by devoting energy to that commitment.
   Please accept our most sincere gratitude for giving us your very best and for sharing with us lessons learned and “try this, it works” advice.
   In an effort to continue our investment of time in the best ways possible, we hope to keep in touch and work with you in the future.”

Christina M. Hannon, PHR, ARM, Risk Management Director, Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services, 
Board of County Commissioners, Lake County, Florida

   “Thank you for speaking with the women of Farmers Home Administration and Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service in honor of Women’s History Month.
   Your presentation on “Self-Esteem, Attitude Adjustment, and the New Empowered Woman” was motivational, thought-provoking, and inspiring.  Comments from those in attendance were all positive and many expressed a desire to have you come speak with us again.”

Jeanie Graham, Federal Women’s Program Chair

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