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Praises From Education Clients:
  “I want to thank you for your well received talk on Teamwork.
   Your enthusiasm in preparation and presentation provided the staff with a fun, informative and meaningful growth opportunity.  The effort put forth to find out who we are and what we do was very evident in conveying your message on teamwork in the workplace and in life. 
   Many people have told me how much they enjoyed your presentation and that they look forward to hearing you speak again!"

Terry Flake, Planning Coordinator 
Santa Fe Community College Facilities Services

   “You are a sensitive, high-energy presenter who engages your audience in meaningful ways.  All of us feel that this retreat was one of our best, in great part due to your help in establishing our strengths and weaknesses, individually and organizationally.”

Joe Merluzzi, Headmaster, 
Berkeley Preparatory School,  Tampa, Florida

   “Each year, the Hamilton County School District schedules a county-wide inservice day for its employees prior to the beginning of school.  On August 5, our district had the good fortune of securing Linda Cirulli-Burton as one of our presenters.  What an outstanding speaker and terrific motivator!
   Ms. Cirulli-Burton opened the first workshop with ‘You, Me, Us: Recognizing Unique Talents and Strengths in Ourselves and Others.”  This was an exceptional presentation which helped participants understand the many strengths and skills that make us unique.
   Employees who attended the second and third sessions were treated to “A Toolkit to Build Energy, Manage Our Stress, and Stay Positive Over the Next School Year!”  Needless to say, participation was high, and employees learned innovative ways to curb the negative stress that is part of life.
   All of Ms. Cirulli-Burton’s sessions were well-attended (standing room only!), and everyone who was fortunate enough to hear her speak gave her ‘two thumbs up!”  I know that a number of employees (myself included) requested she be invited back next year.
   I am happy to provide this letter of reference for Ms. Cirulli-Burton and I encourage you to include her at your organization’s event.  She will provide inspiration and motivation, and you and your employees will benefit from her humor-filled, thought-provoking presentations.”

Denise Wofford, Superintendent’s Office, 
Hamilton County School Board, Jasper, Florida

   “I wanted to thank you for your tremendous presentation to our staff at our annual retreat.  The fact that you were able to design a program specifically for individuals who spend a great deal of time traveling was especially helpful.
Most of all, Linda, I want to thank you for the tremendous time you took in preparing for the presentation.  It was certainly reflected in your comments as well as the overall program and that is what really made a difference to our group.  Often motivational speakers are able to deliver general motivational advice, but your comments were exceptionally well directed toward our particular group.  The attention you put into preparing for this session was very much appreciated by me as well as those in attendance.”

Jayne E. Irvin, Associate Vice President for Development,
University of Florida Foundation

  “The faculty and staff of Madison County Central School extend our warmest thanks for the wonderful stress management toolkit you provided yesterday afternoon.  One of the most effective parts of the program was the empathy you demonstrated for our folks in understanding the mammoth change they have undergone.  Your use of humor and personal anecdotes made the information you shared credible.  It was evident to all that you had been in our shoes.
   Your comprehensive treatment of energizing mind, body, and spirit gave our staff some viable tools to utilize during these last four weeks of school.
   Thank for reminding us to celebrate each other and look for the good.  The handout you provided the staff was a concise summary of your important points so that we don’t slip back into old, stressful habits.
   I do appreciate your coming to our school; for us it was time well spent.  We hope you will come again!"

                                     Lou S. Miller, Principal, 
Madison County Central School, Madison, FL

   “What a marvelous keynote address at the Florida College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) Spring Conference!  In planning this conference with the chapter’s president, we wanted to offer a mix of opportunities to participants in terms of subject area as well as format.  However, we both strongly felt that a powerful opening was very important in setting the tone for this big event.  We struck gold with you as our speaker!
   Your message, ‘Dealing Effectively With Difficult People:  Change Your Mind, Change Your Life,’ could not have been more relevant to those of us in attendance – human resources administrators representing higher education institutions around the state.  Your delivery was a captivating blend of anecdotes, humor, and substance.  You left us with much to think about in changing our perspective and approach to both professional and personal interactions, especially during those ‘magic moments’ we frequently seem to have.  I particularly appreciated the homework you did to tailor your presentation to this group.
Linda, thank you for bringing so much value to our conference.”

Bob Willits, Program Chair, 
Florida College and University Personnel Association (CUPA)

   “Our Food Service Managers really enjoyed your presentation ‘A Manager’s Toolkit for Motivating, Leading, and Retaining Employees.’ I have had several call or e-mail me to express how much they enjoyed your presentation.  It was a wonderful way to kick off the 2002-2003 school year.
We especially enjoyed your relaxation techniques that had the audience rolling with laughter.  Many points were well taken on staying calm in the face of criticism, knowing your people as individuals, and winning their cooperation.  Many times managers have difficulties in these areas; your  ‘toolkit’ gives managers new ways to handle difficult situations.
Thank you for taking the time to contact managers for information specific to our district prior to your visit.  It was apparent that you spent a great deal of time customizing this program for us.  You are truly a gifted and talented speaker.  Brevard District Schools Food Service Department looks forward to a continued relationship with you.”

Dawn Houser, Food Service Director, 
School Board of  Brevard County, Viera, Florida

   “Let me extend my sincerest thanks to you for making our Foundation Retreat a huge success!  Your in-depth pre-retreat interviews with members of our staff complemented your sincere intuitiveness and speaking talent.  Throughout the day, I received constant kudos regarding your presentations on ‘Dealing Effectively With Difficult People’ and ‘Tools for Stress Management and Attitude Adjustment 101.’  Even now, I am pleased to tell you that I hear of continued use of your advice offered to us at the retreat.
You truly motivated all and provided insight regarding not only our professional lives but also our personal lives.  Your use of humor when dealing with especially sensitive topics really got the point across to everyone.
It was amazing to work with you!  I wish all retreats had speakers as enjoyable and interesting as you.”

Lori A. S. Hood, Research Analyst, 
Florida State University Foundation, Tallahassee, Florida

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