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Praises From Community Service Clients:
    Linda, thank you so much for participating in the conference as the closing luncheon speaker.  You provided exactly what we needed after several long days of learning and networking - a burst of energy, some heartfelt laughter, a pause for reflection, and the will to go back to our communities and serve children and families with renewed motivation and vigor.  I appreciated the way you were able to weave some specifics about my group and our work into your speech about resilience and thriving in the face of change.  And I was especially impressed that you picked up on the themes of the work summits debriefing session that occurred just prior to your speech and incorporated those into your address as well.  You are a very talented lady and I am so pleased you were a part of our event!”

Anne Johnson, Conference Manager
Prevent Child Abuse America

    “You asked that we take with us three lessons, and I am sure if we polled the group, each of us would have more than three, for you were able, with delightful good humor, to teach us something at every moment.  You skillfully wove our very particular kind of work with diverse clients into your presentation.  We were ‘with you’ because you were ‘with us.’  You truly listened in those phone conversations weeks before the event and astutely heard our difficulties, challenges, and stresses.  Thus you adapted your knowledge and expertise to our unique work environment.  And considering you were talking to three distinct groups – all under one umbrella organization – that was no small feat!
   The essence of your success, it seems to me, is that your work is clearly a labor of love that you share with boundless enthusiasm, and that is probably the most important lesson you impart to your audience:  love what you do and do what you love.  And you do!”

Anthe Hoffman, Coordinator, WIA Career Management, Alachua/Bradford Career Centers, Florida

   “Everyone was totally enchanted with you!  The stories of life that you shared with us were so entertaining and interesting that we received several comments saying they wished the training could have gone on all day.  How I wish all our trainers were as truly inspiring as you!”

Tammy Orcutt, Training and Volunteer Coordinator,
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Gainesville, Florida

   “What a way to end the year!  It’s unanimous.  You’re a hit!  People asked if you could come back again before you had a chance to sit down.  I was particularly impressed with the effort you made to get to know us in advance.  It brought a sense of closeness and truth to your talk and it made the experience much more personal. 
The topics you touched upon were very timely and right on target.  Plus, your blend of humor, anecdote, and information was perfect.  It’s just what we needed to hear.  I look forward to having you back. 
   Thanks again for your energy, enthusiasm, and words of encouragement, support, and direction.

Bill Brodginski, Program Director, Economic Opportunity Program, EOP Child Development Head Start, Elmira, New York

   “You had a powerful, meaningful, and timely message that was delivered in such a delightful way.  Our parent out-reach program is so essential to what we are trying to do in support of our students, families, teachers, and community.  This is our Seventh Annual Title 1 Parenting Series and I am continually amazed at the insightful and touching comments we receive on evaluations.  Needless to say, the comments on your evaluations hit the mark.  Here are just a few:

  •   Thank you for giving me the tools to start with.  I have no 
      doubt, success is around the corner.

  •   It reinforced the tools I have learned about being positive.   
    To spread   love and be a positive force in my child’s life.

  •   Linda was awesome!  What an uplift.

  •   I thought the program was very exciting and touching.  I felt 
      great afterwards.

  •   I got it.  She is great.  Always look for the positive in the 

   Linda, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in recommending you for a speaking engagement.  Your message has universal appeal and significance that is applicable in any arena and needs to be spread.

Constance M. Fedele, Coordinator of Federal Projects,
 Columbia County School System, Florida

    “The Institute has a tradition of sending its conferees down from the mountain with a warm, positive message that can be utilized as we return to the stressors and challenges of our daily professional workaday world.  ‘Why the Bright Side Is Always the Right Side’ was the perfect topic for us!
I was impressed at the homework you did prior to preparing your material.  Several of our Blue Ridgers commented that you called them and spoke extensively with them about the Institute so could REALLY learn who we are and the types of work we do.  That dedication to your calling and interest in your audience is rare!  We were the beneficiaries of your homework.  THANK YOU.”

James E. Oliver, on behalf of the Blue Ridge 
Institute for Southern Community Service Executives, 
Department of Social Services, City of Manassas, Virginia

   “Your participation at our organizational retreat was the highlight of all the positive feedback I received from staff.  Your ability to relate, motivate, and affect our diverse employee population was amazing.  This is a rare gift and reminds me of Shakespeare and his ability to relate to all levels of the Elizabethan society through his plays.
More than entertainment, your message was driven home about attitude, teamwork, and customer service, evident in the attitude and behavior adjustments here at work. We walk around with movable magnifying glasses and a concerted effort to send more positive messages to each other.  We expect you to be on the agenda for our next retreat!”

Pam Winter, Human Resources Team Leader, 
Child Care Resources,Inc., 
Florida Department of Children and Families

   “On behalf of the North Central Florida AIDS Network, I wish to commend you for your tremendous programs, LINDA TALKS.  My staff and I have benefited tremendously from your efforts.  Your seminars have enabled us to create more effective relationships with the many diverse groups with whom we interface, including government agencies, other social service agencies, clients and their families, and each other.  As you know, our work is extremely stressful.  Your workshops have truly made a difference. 
I highly recommend LINDA TALKS to any manager interested in providing personal and professional growth opportunities for his or her staff.  I have been especially excited about the greatly improved communication skills your workshops have facilitated. May you be led to light people’s paths for many years to come.”

  Melanie Gasper, Executive Director, 
NCF Aids Network

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