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Special multi-hour training programs for managers, 
supervisors, directors and others charged with 
overseeing employee performance:



A Toolkit for Motivating, Leading,
and Retaining Employees


Leading Employees Through Change

Identifying the "soft part" and the "hard part" of leading
        employees through the process of change 

Understanding the 3-step transition cycle that demystifies
        the change process for manager and employee alike

Building resilience in themselves and others to negotiate
        the fear, negativity, and resistance commonly associated
        with change

Consciously developing strategies and techniques to
        assist employees  who must function in ambiguous
        circumstances for significant periods of time 

Formulating ways to get commitment (buy-in) from
        employees affected by the change(s) 

Finding humor, using humor, and supporting humor in the

Using transition skills effectively in other parts of their
        lives,  whether the change is externally or internally

Customized to Meet the Needs in Your Workplace and/or Industry

Why the Bright Side Is Always  the Right Side:

Positive Attitudes for the Workplace and Our

Personal Lives

In the Face of Change:

Laughing, Crying, and Finally THRIVING

WOW! Service Begins as A State of Mind

A 'Tool Box' to Reduce Stress and

Build Stress Tolerance

Difficult, Angry, and Nasty People:

A Survivor's Manual

Rx for Energy for the New Millennium:     

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Becoming a Great Communicator:

How to Influence, Persuade, and Motivate

Learned Charisma:

It's Not Just for the Special Few

Productive Goal Setting for Any  Age at Any  Stage

Flexible Length and Content

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