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     Let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to purchase a book entitled What Happy People Know:  How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the Better by Dan Baker, Ph.D, Director of Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch, and Cameron Stauth (2003, Rodale, Inc.).

     On a flight from Houston to Gainesville, I literally consumed this book - alternating between shedding tears of recognition and joy and laughing right out loud from sheer ... well, happiness!

     One of the greatest deficiencies of the old approach in psychology was that it was focused exclusively on mental illness and pathologies, assuming that relieving states that made life miserable would automatically lead to finding happiness.  This was, after all, the normal human condition.

     According to Baker, this just has not happened.  The absence of disease is not the same as health, just as the absence of poverty is not the same as wealth.

     Dr. Baker believes that the quest to achieve happiness in the truest sense of the word, not as an ephemeral feeling, but in the deepest sense of the word will characterize psychology in this 21st century.

     With a beautiful writing style that appeals to every kind of brain - from the left to the right and everything in-between - Dr. Baker has the ability to capture us wherever we are!  He helps us understand how we can make meaningful changes in our lives to activate the happiness that is screaming to be released within each of us.

     I heartily endorse this magnificent book!  



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